The International Catholic Scout Foundation

The International Catholic Scout Foundation was therefore established – by decision of the World Council of the Conference – in Luxembourg on 27 August 1986 in strict compliance with the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with a threefold aim:

  1. To finance projects and activities in accordance with the aims of the ICCS as summarized above;
  2. To participate in the smooth running of the Conference, particularly to develop links between the Catholic groups of the Scout Movement and to ensure their presence there;
  3. To build up and grow a financial capital ensuring the continuity and greater autonomy of the activities of the ICCS, whose income is – unless requested by the donor – devoted to the activities mentioned in points 1 and 2.

The Foundation was quickly recognized as a Public-Interest Foundation.

This status enables it to issue donors with a donation certificate entitling them to tax reductions, the terms of which depend on their place of residence, particularly within the European Union and the European Free Trade Area.

In 2001, the Foundation received a substantial donation from a former president of the ICCS Europe-Mediterranean to support the activities of this region and to show solidarity towards other regions in difficulty. At the same time, Emmet and Emma Doer endowed a dedicated fund for ICCS through the foundation, while they established a fund with the Catholic Committee of the Boy Scouts of America to finance projects in the ICCS Inter-American region.

Funding objectives

  • Hear the request of young people to be more responsible in their search for new horizons, new ways of living better
  • Take up with them the new challenges of their current questioning on migration, citizenship, life in the Church, science, climate, etc.
  • To accompany materially the realization of their initiatives
  • To continue to deploy the activities of ICCS in new parts of the world, for example in Africa and Asia, in countries facing great economic and educational difficulties.

How to make a donation?

The foundation offers two possibilities to donate:

You want to help the ICCS in the long term, the FICS places your donations and the revenues are paid to the ICCS for its activity without targeting.

You want to help carry out specific projects in the objectives and activities chosen by the ICCS, you make a dedicated donation to the FICS specifying the event or program targeted.

Attached forms will allow you to take action.
We thank you warmly in advance for your trust and for your donations to the Catholic Scouts.