The Saint Paul Fellowship

The St Paul Fellowship is a fraternity of donors created in 2011 during the ICCS World Council.
It aims to collect donations to support the activity of the ICCS or its members.
Every two years, the St Paul Fellowship organizes an event for its new donor members.

Distribution of funds

  • 50% of funds given will be directly used to support the current operational needs of the ICCS
  • 50% of funds given will help to increase the amount of capital managed by the ICCS to better respond to the current and future needs of the ICCS.

How to make a donation?

All donations are made through the ICCS

  • By cheque to the order of:
    International Conference of Catholic Scouting
    Piazza Pasquale Paoli,
    18 00186 Roma, Italia.

    These cheques can be made directly or through your National Scout Organisation (NSO).

  • By bank transfer (Info. below)

Conférence International Catholique du Scoutisme
International Catholic Conference of Scouting

Agenzia Roma San Pantaleo
Piazza San Pantaleo, 1
I – 00186  Roma (Italy)

IBAN : IT 19 T 02008 05022 000400623258

Categories of donors

The certificates will be handed over by a patron during a special event every two years.

The membership categories are expressed in U.S. dollars.

The contributions can attract tax breaks in certain countries, according to local laws and regulations.

Bronze Companion of Saint Paul
$2,000 (bronze pin and certificate)

Silver Saint Paul
$5,000 (silver pin and certificate)

Gold Saint Paul
$10,000 (gold pin and certificate)

The Saint Paul Fellowship event

It’s organised every 2 years, usually in Rome, and includes:

  • An awarding ceremony of badges (pins and certificates), in the presence of our cardinal patron, our honorary president and SAS Prince Nikolaus von Liechtenstein.
  • A mass
  • An excursion in Roma and/or its surroundings

The donors and the guests cover all their expenses, including receptions.