Sustainable Development Goals


This is one of ICCS newest programmes – and it is based on the Sustainable Development Goals. Recently ICCS has been work a lot on the topic of Laudato Si’ – a book which Pope Francis wrote. Within this, a great importance is place on the environment and how we live in it.

Step 1
  • identify the SDG, 
  • register with the ICCS,
  • understand what you aim to learn,
  • see how you  will carry out your project and what you think the outcome will be…
Step 2
  • complete the project 
  • identify the challenges and how you overcame this…
Step 3
  • Review the project,
  • Look at what you learnt,
  • Consider if you will change, and how you can do this regularly ? 
  • Submit to the ICCS with pictures who will send a cert to congratulate participants.

The environment is also a topic that interests many youth today – and the ICCS now has a programme regarding this.


If you want to learn more about it – just look at this short video !