The World Committee elected the 4 members of the World Committee.

Georges El-Ghorayeb

Marco Aurélio Castrianni

Marcel Ledjou BLAGUET

Matteo Spanò


At the same time, the Regional Councils of Africa and Inter-America elected their new presidents:

Marcelin Henry DIENE – President Africa region

Nicolas Nava – President of the Inter-America region


The Asia Pacific Regional Council will meet in February 2022 due to the pandemic.


The new World Committee is composed of the 4 elected members, the 4 regional presidents and the World Chaplain:


President: Georges El-Ghorayeb

Vice President: Marco Aurélio Castrianni

General Secretary: Marcel Ledjou BLAGUET

Treasurer: Matteo Spanò

President Africa region: Marcelin

President Asia Pacific region: Generuis Lee

President Euro Med : Bashar

President Inter-American : Nicolas Nava

World Chaplain : Jacques Gagey