Co-optation process
within the Saint Georges Fraternity

The protocol of cooptation when a new member enters the St. George Brotherhood:

All organizations member of the ICCS (association, council, or observer member) can suggest a candidate to be coopted as member of the St George Brotherhood.

  • The suggestion must be submitted to the Regional President of the ICCS and after to the President of the ICCS.
  • If the candidate receives a positive review from the Regional President, and of the President of the ICCS, it will thus be forwarded to the World Council of the ICCS.
  • The latter announces the official cooptation in the Brotherhood of the proposed person.

If the nomination is done by a regional committee, the World Committee of the CICS, the national organization to which the candidate is attached must be consulted.

The candidature document must include the following information:

  • Civil Status data, address, phone number, e-mail
  • a summary of community involvement and Scout engagement.contribution au développement du scoutisme catholique, du scoutisme en général,
  • contribution to the development of Catholic Scouting, Scouting in general,
  • any other information that may be relevant to the co-optation instruction.

The co-optation within the Brotherhood of St. George, is materialized by a parchment document signed by the President of the World Committee of the ICCS and a medal.

The document and medal are given to the new member, either by a member of the World Committee or a member of the Regional Committee in which the recipient (or their representative) resides.