The Interamerican Scout Region encompasses the entire American continent. It is the second largest continent in the world and extends over 15,000 kilometers from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

Because of its large size, geographic characteristics and great cultural diversity, the Americas are traditionally divided into South America, Central America and North America.


All scout associations in the Region are multi-faith. Therefore, the Interamerican Region of ICCS is made up of pastoral commissions or Catholic groups that are part of the WOSM National Scout Organizations of the following countries:

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Nicolás Nava – COPASCA Scouts of Argentina – President
Daniel Corsen Senior – Curaçao Scouts – Treasurer
Juan Pablo Gutiérrez-Alzate – Scouts of Colombia – Secretary
Ynes Ortega – Boy Scouts of America – Vice President
Ivette Marroquín – Scouts of El Salvador – Pro-Secretary
Father Eduardo Winser, odm Regional Chaplain


The organizational structure of the Inter-American Region of ICCS comprises:

– A Regional Council

– A Regional Committee

– 5 Sub-Regional Councils


The Regional Council

This is the regional governing body. It is made up of representatives of all the member organizations of the Region, who have voice and vote. The members of the Regional Committee, the presidents of the working groups, youth representatives, WOSM representatives and members of the World Committee are also members without the right to vote.

Its functions are:

– To elect the Regional President every 3 years

– Elaborate triennial plans for the Region

– Approve the report of the Regional Committee

– Vote on resolutions and recommendations proposed by Regional Council members

– Make decisions concerning regional events

The Regional Committee

This is the executive body of the Region. It is composed of the Regional President, the Sub-Regional Coordinators and the Regional Chaplain.


Its functions are:

– To elect the Regional Treasurer and Secretary from among the 5 Sub-Regional Coordinators.

– Recommend candidates for the role of Regional Chaplain.

– Forming working groups as needed and appointing those responsible for these groups.

– To implement the decisions of the Regional Council

– To make important decisions for the Region between Regional Council meetings.


– Keeping abreast of the activities of the World Committee and the Regions

– Receive the Treasurer’s reports and approve the financial management between Regional Council meetings

– Present activity and financial reports to the Regional Council

– Propose candidates for the St. George Fraternity to the ICCS World Committee.

– Maintain and seek relations with the Interamerican Scout Committee, the World Scout Bureau, the Interamerican support center and regional ecclesiastical institutions.

– Be attentive to everything that may have a positive or negative impact on the development of Catholic organizations in scouting (WOSM, Church and other organizations) in the Region.


The Sub-Regional Council is composed of representatives of the member organizations of the Sub-Region, all with voice and vote. It is also composed, without the right to vote, of: the members of the Regional Committee, the Sub-Regional Coordinator, the Sub-Regional Chaplain, the presidents of the working groups, youth representatives and guests, such as representatives of WOSM or members of the World Committee.


The functions of the Sub-Regional Council are:

– To elect the Sub-Regional Coordinator and the Youth Representative for a period of 3 years.

– Recommend candidates for Sub-Regional Chaplain

– To establish the general lines of the triennial action plan for the sub-region and propose them to the Regional Committee to be included in the Regional Triennial Plan.

– Vote on resolutions and recommendations presented by the members of the Sub-Regional Council.

– To make decisions regarding the organization of sub Regional events.

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