Relationship with WOSM and religion

There are 46 Associations in the WOSM European Scout Region many of which in the past, were members of ICCS but have since left the fold. There are many reasons for the fall off in membership: on the one hand we have the abolition of ‘Federations’ by the World Scout Committee and the drive towards having only one association per country, and on the other: the advent of ‘multi-denominational’ associations brought about by the cultural shifts towards pluralism within the members states of the European Union.

However, there are still a majority of associations (both Catholic and multi-denominational) who in practice the Scout Promise:

  • with Duty to God strive,
  • to diligently promote the religious dimension of Scouting,

 The regions ensuring that the faith belief and practices of their members are fully supported and facilitated.



The ICCS-EM has founded a new program for students going abroad. The aim is to assist them – rovers and young leaders – during their study period in finding a local catholic scout group or catholic community where they can do scouting and practice their faith.

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