Presentation of the committee

The committee

Chairman: Rui Lourenço Teixeira
Vice-Chairman: Michael Van Craen
Treasurer: Daniele Beretta
Chaplain: Fr. Claudio Luigi Fasulo
Co-opted member: Orsolya Gresz
Co-opted member: Jacques Ayoub

The European-Mediterranean region

The Euro-Mediterranean region is stretching from Iceland to Iraq and from Portugal to Finland, covering the Christian communities of Europe and the Middle East.
The region has 24 full members and 8 observing members.


According to the ICCS statutes, the bodies of the EM Region are:

  • The Regional Council
  • The Regional Committee

The regional council

The regional council consists of:

  • Representatives of the member organisations in the EM-region
  • Members of the Regional Committee

The regional council has the following tasks:

  • determine the programme of activities for the Region.
  • elect the members of the Regional Committee.
  • approve the report of the Regional Committee
  •  approve the Regional accounts and budgets.
  • propose motions, resolutions and/or recommendations, submitted by members of the Regional Council.
  • vote on motions, resolutions and recommendations presented at Regional Council meetings
  • decide to organise a regional seminar / Board meeting.
  • set up working groups on subjects of specific interest.
  • examine proposals submitted by member associations or other interested bodies.
  • draw up the region’s rules of procedure and propose amendments where necessary.
  • suggest to the Regional Committee the names of associations that are ready and available to host and organise regional meetings: for example, the annual seminar, the Board meeting and/or committee meetings.


L’agenda 2020

Atelier de formation

Du 28 Avril au 1er Mai

Forum Régional des Aumôniers

Du 09 au 11 Juillet
Yamoussoukro, Côte d’Ivoire

Réunion annuelle du Comité Régional CICS Afrique et zonal (Afrique Australe)

Le 09 Septembre
Harare, Zimbabwe

Forum Scout Interreligieux Sous-Régional (zone Afrique Centrale)

Du 31 octobre au 3 novembre
Kinshasha, RDC