The Committee

European Comittee
  • Chair: Bashar Muasher
  • Vice-Chair: Rui Lourenço Teixeira
  • Secretary: Michael Van Craen
  • Treasurer: Daniele Beretta
  • Chaplain: Fr. Claudio Luigi Fasulo

The European-Mediterranean Region

The European-Mediterranean Region is one of the largest regions and reaches from Iceland to Iraq and from Portugal to Finland, encompassing the Catholic world of Europe and the Middle East.

The region has 24 full members and 8 observer members.


Since new ICCS status were approved in 2017, the bodies of the EM Region are:

  • The Regional Council
  • The Regional Committee

The Regional Council

The Regional Council is the most important organ in the Region. Its structure is:

  • Representative of ICCS member organizations in the E M Region
  • The members of the Regional Committee

The functions of the Regional Council are to:

  • determine the program of activities for the Region.
  • elect the members of the Regional Committee.
  • approve the report of the Regional Committee.
  • approve the Regional accounts and budgets.
  • discuss motions, resolutions and / or recommendations presented by the members of the Regional Council.
  • voting on motions, resolutions and recommendations presented at Council meetings
  • decide on the advisability of organizing a Regional Seminar / Council meeting .
  • establish working groups on topics of specific interest.
  • review proposals put by member associations or other interested bodies.
  • establish the rules of procedure for the region and to propose modifications in case of necessity.
  • propose to the Regional Committee the names of associations who are willing and available to host and organize a regional meetings.