The Committee

ICCS-AP Region is one of 4 regions of ICCS, International Catholic Conference of Scouting.

Regional Committee

  • Dr. Gerinus C.W. Lee
  • Mr. Suraphan Kusolsong
    General Secretry
  • Ms. Ahsook Hwang
  • Pr. Jong-In Goivanni Park
    Asia Pacific Chaplain
  • Pr. Jong-In Goivanni Park
    Southeast Asia (lands) Regional Chaplain
  • Pr. Chinnawat Suvadinkul
    Southeast Asia (islands) Regional Chaplain
  • Pr. Eustachius Azismardopo
    East Asia Regional Chaplain


Members of the committee are elected on a three-year term and an ICCS-APR Conference is held every two years. The first of these Conference was held in 1998 in Hong Kong.

The Asian Pacific region is divided into 4 sub regions. These are:

  • Southeast Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar
  • Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Singapore, East Timor, Malaysia & Brunei
  • East Asia: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Mongolia, Korea & Taiwan
  • West Asia: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal & Sri Lanka

Key events and dates

The conferences (years and cities)


  • 1998 Hong Kong Hong Kong
  • 1999 Singapore Singapore
  • 2000 Philippines Manila
  • 2001 Thailand Pataya
  • 2003 Korea Seoul
  • 2005 Macau Macau
  • 2007 Japan Tokyo
  • 2011 Taiwan Taipei
  • 2013 Philippines Manila
  • 2015 Korea Paju
  • 2017 Thailand Hua Hin
  • 2019 Indonesia Jokjakarta
  • 2021 Taiwan Taipei 予定