It was during the CICS World Council in St. Louis 11 years ago that the St. Paul Fellowship was approved as an additional source of funds for ICCS, because the dues from Catholic Scout organizations do not cover all the expenses of CICS and we cannot do everything we would like to. During Covid, the Fellowship was unable to meet to welcome its new members, so it was decided to meet in Rome to do so during a Mass celebrated by the Cardinal Patron, His Eminence Cardinal Edwin O’Brien, at the San Pellegrino, the Chapel of the Gendarmerie. Our Patron, HRH Prince Nikolaus von Liechtenstein, helped present the certificates to the three new Companions and to the two who could not attend. During the gala dinner at the Mirabella restaurant overlooking Rome, we also awarded the ICCS Duty to God to Cardinal O’Brien and the well-deserved, but deferred due to Covid, St. George Fraternity Duty to God to Bray Barnes and Roberto Cociancich. We enjoyed visiting Rome, especially the guided tour of the Borghese Gallery. We enjoyed getting an overview of how our donations to the Fellowship helped the relief efforts of Scouts of Lebanon after the terrible explosion in Beirut. The Fellowship has now raised over $100,000 and hopes that new companions will soon join their efforts to support ICCS and its businesses around the world.