4 Scout Groups of the Scout Association of Macau joined forces, in May 2022, to kickstart a Catholic-themed programme with a series of activities. The main objective of this programme is, on one hand, to spread the knowledge of Catholicism in Macau in both a religious and historic point of view. On the other hand, allowing the participating scouts to achieve the requirements of the Catholic proficiency badge in scouting.

The programme was led by Catholic Scout Leaders. The first activity of the Programme was held on 21 May 2022, that was a guided tour to the Ruin of St. Paul’s, the St. Dominic’s Church and the Cathedral of Macau. A total of 45 scouts (including Catholic scouts and non-Catholic scouts) joined the visit and they learned, during the visit, about the history of Catholicism in Macau by appreciating the art and relics that are being displayed in these 3 locations.

After the guided tour, the Scouts attended a Workshop on Catholicism with contents about the Holy Bible, the Ten Commandments, Holy Mass and the Rosary. Some practical skills that the scouts learned from this Workshop are the technique of searching verses from the Bible; different stages of the Holy Mass and its liturgical meaning; the story and true meaning of The Rosary.

To those Non-Catholics participants, this is their first time learning about the Catholic Religion. In the end of the Workshop, all participants learned how to recite the Rosary, they prayed for good health and for good progress of Scouting Movement.

Activity organized by:

Group 2, Group 22, Group 24, Group 39

The Scout Association of Macau