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St.Paul Fellowship


Open, Transparent, Inclusive
A new initiative

After many months of collaboration, development and working together, both the IFCS and the ICCS approved and adopted the St. Paul Fellowship.
A long time dream of ICCS, the St Paul Fellowship, which was adopted and approved at the World Council meeting in St. Louis, ICCS will be able to develop a strong financial base that will allow it to educate young people about their Catholic faith through Scouting, enhance the spiritual dimension of Scouting, ensure that Catholics in Scouting are actively present in the Church and to foster communication between the Catholic Church and the World Scout Movement.
The Fellowship, is independent of ICCS and IFCS, but is governed by members of both the ICCS and IFCS. World Chairman Bray Barnes serves as the Fellowship Chair, World President Roberto Cociancich serves as the Vice Chair as does Jerry Scanlan , (USA) who is also Vice-Chair ofIFCS. (more…)