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Newsletter Nº 7

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logo_JMJ_RIO_2013_oficialminiNewsletter Nº 7  Final General Information



Scouts options for participation are the following:

a)    As a Volunteer of the WYD

Registration has been closed. The registered Volunteers are those registered until February/2013. Volunteers will serve the LOC (Local Organizing Committee) WYD-Rio-2013 in already identified specific Scouts activities. However, if necessary, they can be assigned to other activities.

Those who still have not completed its documentation and/or registration as a volunteer, must do so immediately! Sign up as volunteer brings many benefits to you, such as an expenses reduction just for being a Pilgrim.

Participation as a Pilgrim will include all activities scheduled by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the WYD-2013 for participants as pilgrims. There will be no Scout interference in the official World Youth Day program. We will be working together in some activities upon request by the LOC.

Registration must be completed in the WYD web site (Pilgrims, Bishops and Journalists):

Until the last day, the WYD will continue registering Volunteers, but those who leave their registration for the last minute may not have the same benefits or might have unexpected problems at the time of registration, or problems with accommodation. We recommend the scouts that have not yet signed up to do so as soon as possible.

Registration can be made as a participant of a single person or groups of 2 to 50 people. We recommend that, at the time of registration, the groups identify themselves as: a) group of Scout… b) delegation of a Scout District… c) delegation of a Scout Region… / or other way which identify the origin of the group that is registering. After registration you must communicate as soon as possible to the Scout Organization of the WYD.

The Pilgrim registration entitles you to receive the official WYD Kit (a small bag, manual, food tickets, transportation vouchers, 3 t-shirts, benefits and safety, please check thoroughly the payment options), also gives you the opportunity to participate in some special events for Pilgrims (Closing Vigil/Presentation Masses/Campsites for Scouts).

In the event that you decide to go to Rio de Janeiro during the WYD without registration, it is possible that you will spend much more money than the cost of registration. Besides, you may not be where Scouts are camping, or with people who speak your same language, or have life insurance provided by the WYD – we recommend to do the registration in advance.

b)    Scout Collaborator

The pilgrim who is also a Scout can collaborate in tasks identified by the LOC. If this is the case, please, contact the Scout Organization of the WYD so you have access to up-to-date information – we suggest that you BRING your Scout uniform!

Not registered scouts can collaborate in areas identified by the LOC of the Scout Organization aside from the WYD. It is suggested to contact in advance the scout organization of the WYD for updated information.

A Scout who enrolls through a parish or other religious entity, can take part in events scheduled by the Scouts. But, they cannot camp or be with the Scouts in their designated camping areas. (Urca, Barra de Tijuca, etc)

Please contact the following members of the General Scout Organization of the WYD for tasks assignments.





 *Note: For more information, refer to attached document “Scout Service in the WYD”


People wishing to camp with the Scouts in their designated camping areas in the WYD must:


  • Be registered as Pilgrims and have selected the option with lodging.


  • Register through the website of the WYD-Scout so as to be assigned to its camping site, next to the lodging area. Also, it is required to send a list of participants and group code to the email below with “CC:” to:


Attention: Due date for registration is  June 30th .

*WYD Scouts camping instructions:


  • Bring your tents, assemble them and disassemble them, optimizing the space for each tent.


  • Those wishing to buy camping supplies, just for the convenience  of the trip, can do so in the store of the Rio de Janeiro Scout Region that is getting ready to provide all kind of supplies.


Rio de Janeiro Scout Region:


18 Rodrigo Silva street,  7th floor – Tel. 0055 – 21 – 2533-5107.


Notice: It is prohibited that men and women share the same tent, in accordance with WYD regulations. Only married couples will be allowed in accordance with Scout ethics.


  • Cooking will not be allowed in the camping areas. All food will be served by the network of restaurants, canteens, etc. in accordance with WYD regulations. It is possible that there will be cold snacks prepared with items purchased at supermarkets.


  • Only authorized personnel will be allowed to be in the WYD-2013 lodging area. There is a schedule, established by the WYD, for people staying in the lodging area.

Camping Schedule:


July 21, 06:00 – Camp Opening Ceremony.

July 21, 12:00 – Camp Closing Ceremony.

Campmasters (Field Chiefs) will be available to provide support whenever needed during the WYD event. Keep in-touch with them always!


Nilton de Castro Silva: 0055 – 21 – 9104-2399 / / Facebook.


Lúcia Cordeiro de Mello: 0055 – 21 – 2295-9707 o 9224-7620


Siágrio Pinheiro: 0055 – 21 – 98500614




Our main service will be on the TRACKS and the VOCATIONAL FAIR.  It is possible that we get requests from the LOC-WYD for service in other areas that we will try to fulfill.


The TRACKS are modules coordinated by Scouts who will lead registered pilgrims in their hike of Rio de Janeiro nature trails, in which there will be religious moments while hiking . This event was planned by the LOC considering pilgrims safety with the support of the Federal Great Events Safety Secretariat.



The TRACKS are:
– “Morro da Urca” – “Parque da Catacumba” – “Floresta da Tijuca”
– “Pedra Bonita” – “Morro Azul” – “Parque da Cidade/Niterói”


– “Ilha de Boa Viagem, Niterói. (Itinerários da Fé)

The TRACKS schedule is:

July 22 (Monday) – 08:00h to 17:00h

July 23 (Tuesday) to July 26 (Friday) – 12:00h to 17:00h.


For questions related to The TRACKS, please contact:


Renato Pimenta – 0055-21-87887742 –


Alexandre Pimenta – 0055-21-98099214 –



The VOCATIONAL FAIR, in the Quinta da Boa Vista (district of São Cristóvão), requires our support receiving visitors and organizing games, such as volleyball, soccer, etc. with the theme of “the religious vocation in sports and in life”.

Schedule for Scouts:

July 23 (Tuesday) – 09:00h to 17:00h

July 24 (Wednesday) to July 26 (Friday) – 12:00h to 17:00h


The Opening Ceremony for the Vocational Fair will be THE SCOUTS AND GUIDES MASS. After mass there will be a religious musical show for Scouts.


Mass Schedule:


July 23 (Tuesday) – 09:00h Arrival of working teams.


– 09:30h Scouts concentration.


– 10:00h Holy Mass celebration.


– 11:20h Scout Show.


Place: Vocational Fair Main Stage.

All (young people, parents, elder, etc.) will be invited to participate in the celebration of the Holy Mass for the Scouts. Please attend with uniform.


Any doubt or questions, please contact the coordinators:


IN CHARGE OF THE REGISTRATION: Renato Conde – 0055-21-84224834 o 38603245


SCOUTS MASS: Thiago Moraes – 0055-21-87267874


SPECIAL EVENTS: Marcelo Motta – 0055-21-96229085





Before and after World Youth Day, we will have a team working with lodging and other guidelines for Scouts who will go to Rio de Janeiro. This team will be composed of representatives of the Regional Core of Young Leaders.


Our team will also be prepared to deal with different situations during WYD. Please contact the coordinator if needed:


Victor de Oliveira Alves: 0055 – 21 – 8032-0406 /




The House of the Scout will be a support for those who are in Rio de Janeiro before, during and after World Youth Day. This will offer:


* an environment for Scouts to correlate.                                              * Free internet.

* Dining room and music.                    * Scout Shop.                               * Meeting room.

* Lost and Found.                                    * Meeting place.                         * General guidelines.

* Exhibits of Scout engravings.


Calendar of events at the House of the Scout during WYD:


. Opening: July 15 (Monday).


. Reception for Scouts authorities: July 20  (Saturday) – 19:00h.


. Closing: August 3 (Tuesday).


Any doubt or questions, please contact the Coordinator for the House of the Scout at the WYD:


Cecília Mattos Rodrigues: 0055 – 21 – 8163-5048 o 2233-9338/


Address: 112 1º de marzo street, Centro. Rio de Janeiro/RJ.



During World Youth Day, all Scouts can use the Scarf designed for the WYD. It was authorized by Don Antonio Augusto, Auxiliary Bishop for the Youth of the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro. The use of the logo in the scarf, was formally authorized by the commercial sector of World Youth Day. We urge, especially those serving during World Youth Day, to use the scarf.


WYD-2013 insignia

The scarf and other products can be obtained in the website of Río de Janeiro Scout Region.


Río de Janeiro Scout Region:


18 Rodrigo Silva street, 7th floor – Tel. 0055 – 21 – 2533-5107.



The Scouts general training session for the WYD will be:


June 29, from 08:00h to 16:30h


Place: Archidiocese of Rio de Janeiro Auditorium – 2nd floor, João  Paulo  II Building  –   Benjamin  Constant street, Barrio da Glória, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.


Registration: R$ 5,00 (five reales), in the CCME (R. 1º de Marzo 112 – centro – RJ/RJ). For Scouts living outside Rio de Janeiro, it will be transmitted by internet:

In Portuguese:


In Spanish:




06/29 – (08:00) General training session for Scouts.


07/15 – Official opening of the HOUSE OF THE SCOUT at the CCME.


07/19 – (14:00h) The Tracks training/practice.


07/20 – (08:00h to 12:00h) Vocational Fair training/ practice (19:00) Reception for Scout authorities.

07/21 – (08:00h) Great Game of International Scouting at WYD


07/22 – The Tracks (08:00h to 16:00h)


07/23 to 26 – The Tracks (in the afternoon) and religious service at “Cristo Retenptor”


07/23 – (10:00h) Scout Mass / Scout Show.


07/23 to 26 – (12:00h to 17:00h) Vocational Fair


07/27 – WYD Vigil (Guaratiba).


07/28 – WYD Mass (Guaratiba).

07/29 (12:00h) Closing ceremony of camping  sites.

08/03 Closing of the HOUSE OF THE SCOUT at the CCME.

  • The general schedule for the WYD-Rio-2013 can be found at the official website for the event.


Rio de Janeiro, June 13/ 2013.


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