New Regional Secretary Asia-Pacific Region

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new_Secretary_ ICCSICCS is pleased to announce that Gerinus Lee, International Commissioner for the Catholic Council, Scouts of Korea, was elected as the new Asian Pacific Regional Secretary at the 10th APR Conference which was held in Korea.
Mr. Lee has been a Scout and a Scouter in Korea, having earned his Woodbadge, served as an Executive Board member of the Catholic Council, as a Associate Training Professor and as the International Commissi9ner. He has participated in many international events in the APR Region, including the very successful Korean Catholic Scout event held in 2014.
Professionally, Mr. Lee is the Director General of the Seobu Creative Finance Center, KCGF in Seoul. Korea. He served in the military and has a college degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He is a graduate of the Seogang Graduate School, where he earned his MBA in Management of Information Systems.
For his long time distinguished service as the APR Regional Secretary, Anthony Thng, has been appointed as the Regional Secretary Emeritus.
We congratulate Mr. Lee on his election and look forward to working with him. Our deepest thank to Anthony Thng for his many years of service to our youth.