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The 2014/2015 season for the ICCS Africa Region started in November 2014 with the participation of a strong African delegation to the World Council of ICCS held in Jambville (France). Three key events highlighted the presence of Africa at this meeting:

  1. The active participation of delegations to major decisions of the World Council;
  2. The admission of two new African associations to ICCS, including the Association of Scouts of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Scouts from Burkina Faso, which gives the Africa Region, fourteen (14) Associations members. Also, the appointment of a new Regional Chaplain, in the person of Fr. Celse NIYITEGEKA from Rwanda.
  3. On the other side the work of the World Council, arrived to the adoption during an extraordinary plenary session, of a three-year Action Plan 2015 -2017 for the Africa Region.

In February 2015, the ICCS Africa Region was represented at the Steering Committee meeting of ICCS in Rome by its Regional Secretary Arthur SIAHON from Gabon.

From 11 to 15 March 2015 a Spiritual Seminar organized for Chaplains and Scout leaders of the Central African Sub-region was held in Libreville (Gabon). The theme of this meeting was: “The ICCS for Global Ministry and the role of the Chaplain in the movements. The Seminar had brought together with high-level Scout leaders, in the presence of ICCS world leaders, as President Roberto COCIANCICH, Father Jacques GAGEY, ICCS World Chaplain, and other participants from countries outside Central Africa, including the ICCS Africa Committee, which took advantage of the Libreville stay to take stock of the implementation of the Region Action Plan.


Two major eventS remain on view of the region:


From 27 to 30 June 2015 Main appointment  for all Scout organizations and associations in the area.

Consists of five (5) member associations and five other observers associations, so  ten delegations are expected in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

The Forum, organized in partnership with WOSM and Scout Association of Burkina Faso, is an opportunity to advance the promotion of constructive dialogue to stabilize the practice of Scouting in a climate of mutual understanding and accordance with the fundamental of the Scout Movement.

“Unity in Scouting, Religion and multi-religious coexistence”

It is from this theme that hearts will move towards a settlement of current situations of misunderstanding within the Scout family for cases filed on the CICS table, namely for the following associations:

– Benin

– Guinea

– Cap -Vert

– Togo


It should be added that the Ouagadougou meeting will also have a second objective:


– Rule on the status of observer organizations which knock to the ICCS door;

– The consolidation of the ICCS West Africa area management team;

– Appeal in Ouagadougou at the location English speaking countries of the sub-region.


Enhanced by the presence of the ICCS President, Roberto COCIANCICH and ICCS Chairman Bray BARNES, West Africa will inaugurate and consolidate the unity of the continental zone through the communion of two hearts that get along.


From 8 to 11 October 2015, is expected in Kigali, Rwanda a Meeting of organizations and Scout associations of East Africa countries.

In the interest of strengthening the capacity of leaders and scouts chaplains, this seminar will help managers trained to understand how to better live the Christian faith and solidarity within Scouting communities and the environment around them.

The theme: “The Christian Faith and Solidarity: Application in Catholic Scouting.”

We will return.

BUT ALSO, we announce in July 2016, the great world meeting on the African continent, the World Symposium on “Spirituality in Scouting”.



ICCS Africa Regional Secretary