ICCS World Seminar in Volterra (Pisa), Italy

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ICCS World Seminar in Volterra (Pisa), Italy

07 – 09 August 2014


“Catholic Scouts, Catholics within Scouting in the heart of a multi-religious world, in our various regions: Europe, Middle East, America, Africa, Asia.

To be scout in Pope Francis’ times. “


Everywhere in this globalised world the multi-religious coexistence has set and progresses smoothly. We live together. Links are more and more numerous, and strong. In this world youths were born. Do the young scouts want to discover how to be truly catholic to find their way in this world? Finding our way as catholic in this world, and not aside. From a different point of view, the world scouting needs the Gospel to nourish its values. We do want to exercise our catholic responsibility to serve the world scouting.

“A man is nothing special, if he does not believe in God nor obeys to his laws. Similarly, every scout must have a religion, so that he/she can refer to a spiritual reality when taking the scout oath (Baden Powell). BP’s concept of God is rather the traditional Christian one, but the love side is often underlined”. (Mario Sica)

Pope Francis is not European, he comes from Latin America. He knows how to be authentically catholic, and at the same time he knows how to be close to people without any religious distinctions. His action is a good example for us.

Today we can ask to ourselves how to be truly catholic scouts in the heart of this multi-religious world looking at Pope Francis.

We who are baptized Christians are missionary disciples and we are called to become a living Gospel in the world: with a holy life we will « flavour » different environments and defend them from decay as salt does: and we will carry the light of Christ through the witness of genuine charity. But if we Christians lose this flavour and no not live as salt and light, we lose our effectiveness. This mission of giving light to the world is so beautiful! It is also beautiful to keep the light we have received from Jesus, protecting it and safeguarding it. The Christian should be a luminous person; one who brings light, who always gives off light: A light that is not his, but a gift from God, a gift from Jesus. We carry this light. If a Christian extinguishes this light, his life has no meaning: his is a Christian in name only, who does not carry light; his life has no meaning. I would like to ask you now, how do you want to live: As a lamp that is burning or one that is not? Burning or not? How would you like to live? As burning lamps: It is

thruly God who gives us this light and we must give it to others. Shining lamps! This is the Christian vocation”.

(Pope Francis, 2 February 2014).

To nourish our work, several regions will gather for workshops before the seminar: the Latin America, the Pope’s continent; Africa, where we know, even before Christianity, that God is Spirit! Middle East: the eyes full of the Arab Spring. We will take part to the arrival of the Italian walkers, who will end their national route in Pisa. We will listen to the Vatican representative’s thoughts. An Italian team will lead the seminar.


During the Seminar we will discuss about many questions:

What about the “duty to God” in the world scouting?

Homosexuality in the scouting: the Americans will share their point of view.

Where is our scout leaders’ catholic life? What are our prayers made of? How good is the moral health of our movement? Which fruit does the coexistence of youths belonging to different religions bring in our unities? How do the youths from other religions benefit of catholic influence? Do they have an impact on the way we understand the Gospel?

Three days of World Seminar: from Thursday 07th August in the morning to Saturday 09th August in the afternoon in Volterra (Pisa). We will go also to San Rossore (Pisa) for the arrival of the National Route of 30,000 Italian rover scouts.

On Sunday 10th August, a coach will take us from Volterra to Ljubljana in Slovenia, to the WOSM World Conference.


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