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11 June 2014, ICCS World Chairman was invited by the King Abdullah International Center for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID) Secretary General Faisal A. Bin Muaammar to attend an interreligious conference speaking about the importance of interreligious dialogue and what needs to be done around the world. The event was hosted by KAICIID, the Country of Spain and the United Nations in New York City.

Barnes attended the conference on behalf of ICCS where a panel of distinguished scholars and UN leaders spoke on interreligious dialogue. The Secretary General spoke on the need to involve the youth in such discussions and the importance of hearing their voice. Other Scouters also in attendance, were Richard Torrenzano, newly appointed consultant to ICCS, and Rabbi Peter Hyman, BSA Messengers of Peace Chairman.

The Panel discussion was followed by a reception during which time Chairman Barnes spoke at length with SG Faisal Bin Muaammar about the importance of engaging youth. The SG talked about the Messengers of Peace program and how excited he was to work with the Scouts in the promotion of this peace project around the world.

The evening continued with a private dinner of select dignitaries from the Country of Spain, the United Nations and KAICIID at The Pierre Hotel, Central Park West, New York City. Again the Secretary General spoke of the importance of youth being involved in interreligious dialogue and the Messengers of Peace program. Barnes was also invited and spoke on how honored he was to represent ICCS and looks forward to the continued work that started in Vienna.

KAICIID was the site and the host of the WOSM Interreligious Dialogue which took place in Vienna, Austria in February, 2014 which was attend by international religious Scout leaders including ICCS President Roberto Cociancich, ICCS Chaplain Fr Jacques Gagey and Chairman Bray Barnes.