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Open, Transparent, Inclusive
A new initiative

After many months of collaboration, development and working together, both the IFCS and the ICCS approved and adopted the St. Paul Fellowship.
A long time dream of ICCS, the St Paul Fellowship, which was adopted and approved at the World Council meeting in St. Louis, ICCS will be able to develop a strong financial base that will allow it to educate young people about their Catholic faith through Scouting, enhance the spiritual dimension of Scouting, ensure that Catholics in Scouting are actively present in the Church and to foster communication between the Catholic Church and the World Scout Movement.
The Fellowship, is independent of ICCS and IFCS, but is governed by members of both the ICCS and IFCS. World Chairman Bray Barnes serves as the Fellowship Chair, World President Roberto Cociancich serves as the Vice Chair as does Jerry Scanlan , (USA) who is also Vice-Chair ofIFCS. Others that serve on the Fellowship Committee are Toby Suzuki (Japan) Roger Richter (Luxembourg), Eugenio Garavini (Italy), and Georges El Gorayeb (Lebanon). Jean Tiquet (France), although not an official member of the Committee, works in an “Ex Officio” capacity in his role as the President/Chairman of IFCS.

Three Levels Membership

There will be three levels of membership:
Bronze – $2000.00
Silver – $5000.00
Gold – $10,000.00
Several memberships have already been sold with the funds being shared equally between the IFCS for investment and ICCS to support current operational needs.

Our Cardinal Patron: Cardinal Raymond Burke

Thanks to the kind assistance of Fr. Joseph Weber, Americas Regional Chaplain, His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, has agreed to serve as the Cardinal Patron. Cardinal Burke, a former Scout Chaplain, was very pleased to offer his support of Catholic Scouting around the world.

Our Patron: Prince Nikolaus von Liechstenstein

Thank you also goes to Roger Richter, member of the IFCS Board, for arranging a visit by HRH Prince Nikolaus Von Liechtenstein to a joint dinner of the ICCS Steering Committee and the IFCS Board in Rome. Because of Roger’s assistance, HRH agreed to serve as the Patron of the Fellowship.