St.Paul Fellowship Recognition Event

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“Duty to God” is a cornerstone of Scouting. “To help other people at all times”, is a commitment every scout makes. As Scouting leaders we have an opportunity to be able to live the Oath and help support the growth of Catholic Scouting worldwide. Our commitment to assure that “Duty to God” remain a cornerstone is more important than ever.

International Catholic Scouting is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year.  Scouting in the Catholic Church was launched primarily because of the vision of Fr. Jacques Sevin, a French priest. Since being recognized by the Vatican as a youth ministry, it continues to grow around the world. ICCS now provides a youth ministry program in many ways to the more than 6 million Catholic Scouts around the world.

We are not without challenges. New countries emerge in Eastern Europe and in Africa, a burgeoning youth population in need of Scouting. More Catholic youth learn of the values of Scouting and look to become members, but without the proper structure, adult leadership and training, they struggle to do so.

ICCS looks for ways to reach out to Catholic youth to not only become Scouts, but as Scouts, to better learn about, and live their Catholic faith through the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

As Catholics, have an opportunity to continue to give our time, talent and treasure to Catholic Scouting worldwide. I, therefore, invite you to join me and become a member of the St Paul Fellowship. I have enclosed a brochure for your review and consideration. After your review, I ask if you would please consider being a Fellow in support Catholic Scouting throughout the world today and into the future.

I also invite you to join us for our celebration in Rome on 13-16 February 2014 in recognition of the St. Paul Fellows. A draft schedule is enclosed, which, as you can see will be a wonderful time to spend with fellow Catholic Scouters in the Eternal City.

On behalf of those we serve, my sincere thanks for all that you do for Catholics in Scouting and I very much look forward to welcoming you to Rome in February.

Yours in Catholic Scouting,

Bray Barnes

World Chairman, ICCS

Chairman, St. Paul Fellowship